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Having released music since 2008, Rich's work has been used on film, stage and video games, and is known for its eclecticism, classical foundations and creative implementation. His previous band Albatross Archive received critical acclaim for its highly technical performances and angular song structures, with live shows being accompanied by the visuals of Matt Creed. After Albatross Archive disbanded, Rich briefly released music under his own name before creating JacksorJacksor.

Since the recording of 2023's EP GoodChaos, JacksorJacksor has expanded from solo performances into a multi instrumental chamber pop ensemble, taking inspiration from The Divine Comedy and Want-era Rufus Wainwright. Their performances are marked by the intricacy of arrangements and diversity of instrumentation. The extended musicians perform under the name "The Lovely Ensemble" or the "Jacksorchestra".


JacksorJacksor and the Lovely Ensemble recording GoodChaos at MusicBox Studios, May 2023

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